Android 3- Trends and Rumours

Here are some of the rumored features that will most likely make Android 3.0 Gingerbread users happy on the Q4 2010 release date:

  • WebM playback (confirmed)
  • Improved Copy/Paste (confirmed)
  • Google Music integration
  • Revamped UI
  • A 1280×760 pixel resolution for screens larger than 4 inches Media streaming from PC
  • 3D Gaming
  • Media player integration with broader open source video codec
  • WebM and WebP support
  • New social networking features with video chat
  • Google Voice app through SIP/VoIP
  • Streaming music
  • Better and quick copy and paste feature
  • Advanced navigation system
  • Robust gaming features
  • Google TV support
  • Other changes include better color schematics in menus, and widgets and power off screen feature

Rumoured Look and Feel

If you are curious about what the Android 3 UI will look like it is rumoured that the Gallery App on Nexus One is a good example of the plans Google has for Android 3.

AT&T Samsung i897: Android with no Custom UI

Devices that are weighed down with customized UIs require much more time to upgrade because the manufacturer and carrier must compile and test and update containing all these extra elements. This takes time and customers get frustrated that they cannot get the latest Android version immediately. It is said that the Samsung i897 will come with Android 2.1 and that AT&T will not touch its interface – meaning consumers will get the full Android experience. If this is true then the smartphone will get an update to Android 2.2 Froyo much sooner than many other handsets. This is the beginning of a trend away from Home Screen Replacements.

Core Android With Less Customization

This is a trend that will continue into Android 3. There will be much less carrier and smartphone manufacturing UI customization to speed the deployment of updates to the devices. Just like Apple does today. If you update an iPhone it is achieved by installing the update as soon as it is available with a separate set of carrier settings being installed. Apple iPhone updates are fast and simultaneous across all carriers. It is a request customers have had-- offering a device that can be rapidly upgraded. Samsung will continue to offer a more customized Android UI experience. They are testing the Samsung i897 to see if will be a popular device.

Hardware Requirements

Rumoured hardware requirements for Android 3.0 devices are:

  • 1GHZ CPU
  • 512MB or RAM
  • Displays from 3.5” and higher

Advanced Android 3 specs:

  • 2GHz CPU’s are coming
  • New 1280×760 resolution available for the devices with displays of 4” and higher